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Custom software also known as bespoke software is software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user.

Since custom software is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer’s particular preferences and expectations. Custom software may be developed in iterative processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden risks to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the original requirement specifications (which are, as a rule, never perfect). In particular, the first phase in the software development process may involve many departments, including marketing, engineering, research and development and general management.

Our main focal area is Software Development:

Rose IT offers complete software packages that support all types of businesses, and carries-out continuous research and analysis, by developing sustainable and repeatable application custom tailored software’s.

  • Scalable
  • Well Structured
  • User Friendly Design
  • Normalized Database Design
  • Cost Effective

Technology we use to develop Software

  • Dot Net, C#
  • PHP
  • Angular JS
  • J query
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • Android
  • Delphi

Database we use to Develop Software

  • MS-SQL
  • Oracle


Field of Expertise

  • RMG Companies
  • Banks
  • Education
  • TEA
  • Heath
  • Corporate
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Small business

Support at a Professional level

We are a group of young and enthusiastic professionals. We play effortlessly as a team and love doing what we do. Our workplace is actually a playground where ideas get thrown around and visions are shared. We provide solutions for problems of all sizes, shapes and severity. We are capable of handling projects of various facets. We continuous come up with unique, personal websites and specialize creating complex projects for global corporations. Our team in Bangladesh is broad, and includes programmers from the top percentile of technical graduates.

Client’s Benefits

  • Rapid delivery software solution
  • High professional and accountable project team
  • Effective communication
  • High quality ensured by deep technical experience
  • Cost effectiveness
  • In time delivery